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The BAD....

The last 3 months or however long its been since COVID outbreak there has been so much going on. To start, I was out of work the first week of march due to the closure of gyms. During this time I have been personally struggling as well as many other self employed workers out there whom are without a job. This has been an extremely difficult time for me financially. Moved into a different apartment, looking into moving into a more "online" fitness business, dabbling into other career opportunities etc. In all honestly my mind has not been right since the closure of the gyms...… Depression as well as anxiety was at an all time high. The one thing I enjoy doing for not only work, but also as a hobby was completely wiped out in front of me.

The good...

During this time of quarantine I found out that i was having a baby girl! I also realized that life is more then just the gym. I love my girlfriend (Brittany) beyond words. I love my soon to be daughter (Bria Lee Fuller). My job is to make sure that I am a great Role Model, and lead by example for my little girl. I know to well what it is like to grow up without a father as a role model. Life will always be a double edge sword. There will always be both good and bad days. COVID has taught me to appreciate the little things just a little bit more, live life to the fullest, don't be one dimensional, get out of your comfort zone, embrace struggle, and most importantly love the ones who are there for you through the tough times.

The Plan?

Look into other avenues in the fitness/health fields, continue coaching Full/Part time. Find a little stability moving forward both mentally as well as financially for both Bria, Brittany, and I. Continue to grow as not only a great Fitness Coach, but also a great father, boyfriend, and friend!

Update On Gyms Reopening

Best Western Gym in Sayre (Bradford County): Wednesday (6/3).

New image Fitness Center in Waverly (Tioga county): (6/15 - 6/30)

Superior 24/7 Fitness in Endwell (Broome County): unknown but thinking sometime at the end of June.

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