Free Weights better then Machines?

Free weights consist of dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells.

So many times i enter the gym i always see a select group (mainly female or older demographic) make their rounds around the gym not even touching a pair of dumbbells. The biggest fear most people have in regards to free wights is not knowing what to do, and if they are performing the exercise correctly. Here are some steps in getting over the fear of utilizing the free weight section of the gym:

1. Ask for help: More times then not the person at the desk will be able to help you out. Usually in most box gyms there is a certified personal trainer on staff that will help show you how to properly use the equipment. A trainer would rather show you for free rather then watch you fail and hurt yourself.

2. Invest in a Fitness professional: Our jobs are to help you reach your goals while making it stress free and as enjoyable as possible. Also, some people think they look cool with a muscle head pacing around the gym with them lol. On a serious note if you feel lost, don't know what to do, want to know how to perfect exercises using different types of equipment, and reach your goals in the safest way possible, then i would recommend hiring a personal trainer or an online coach.

3. We all started from the bottom: I even started with a 2.5 pound dumbbell...... we all have to get started. We all have this mentality saying we will start tomorrow, next year, yew years etc. Stop pushing it off. We are all in this together. Do not steer away from the benefits of free weights because your scared to get started.

Now that we are graduating towards free weights, its important to know the benefits of free weights.

1. Versatility: Since the weights are "Free", they can be used in any angle or plane meaning that you can basically work any muscle in the body with 1 pair of dumbbells.

2. Increase Joint Stability: Due to dumbbells/barbells not being attached to a machine, all ranges of motion require stability at the joint. The picture above showing me performing a "Flat Dumbbell Press, i am performing a horizontal press with elbow extension. since this movement is not fixed because i am using dumbbells, my shoulders have to stabilize the dumbbells to imitate a fixed movement. If i was using a machine do this exercise, shoulder stability would not be a factor, which would not include the benefits Stability at the joint consisting of the "little muscles".

3. Highly Functional: Think about this for a minute... when you pick up a suitcase, is that suitcase attached to a fixed machine? how about when you pick up a baby? the answer is no. Utilizing free weights increases strength at the functional level. Free weights help strengthen you in ways that help make everyday functional tasks much easier.

These are just a few benefits of a long list of benefits of free weights!


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