Welcome to the launch of the new site!

First off, i just want to hope everyone has been safe during the COVID-19 quarantine. Many of us have been depressed due to social distancing, lack of physical activity, and being out of work. As a Personal Trainer the gyms that i have been training clients at have been closed indefinitely. I used this time off to design a new website with the focus of reaching more people by offering an online option for all of my services as well as adding both a forum for all of my subscribers as well as a blog. Here are a couple of things to consider as you are checking out my site!

1. Subscribe to my site for access to member forums (completely FREE!).

2. Under the "More" tab you will see the 10 day Carnivore Challenge, Make sure to check that out because that IS completely FREE! Deadline to sign up is 4/4/20

3. If you are interested in any of my 4,8,and 12 week online coaching programs please allow me 3-7 days after purchase to make your plan. Time is needed for me to fully customize these plans.

Finally, it is important that we are all in this together. During time of quarantine we are all suffering socially, mentally, and physically. I want this online platform to be used to cheer each other on, ask questions, and celebrate each others victories!