"I joined Fuller Fitness Coaching January 2, 2019.  I had three goals: 1) lose 20 pounds by March 15, 2) be able to play and walk four rounds of golf in six days by March 15, 3) lose another 20 pounds by September 15.  With Brandon's nutrional and excercise guidance I exceeded all three goals.  Today I am on Brandon's maintenance program.  I weigh less and am in better shape than when I graduated from college in 1979."

Jeffrey Bedford

"Brandon is my life saver.. He taught me to appreciate who I am as an individual and as a women... He worked with me to meet my goals .Encouragement all the way .. When I doubted myself he made me realize that I could do it .. Even added a few modifications that allowed my goals to be achievable .. He never judged and always made me feel that I was important... He is a life changer for me and for everyone else that has the honor to work with him ... I have kept 30 pounds off for the last year... Its a life changer that still requires work ... He motivates you to want to change for a better you ... Brandon is the real thing ... #Strong"

Jennifer Kipp

"Brandon Fuller is one of the best trainers I have ever known. He is well educated, committed, and relevant to current tends in fitness. I have seen the transformation is his clients and it is amazing. He is truly one of the most committed professionals I know . He has worked for me as a student and was committed and outstanding. His nutrition knowledge in the fitness area is incredible!!!" Cindy Shedden, RD, CDN.

Cindy Shedden

"Brandon trains with the heart of a teacher, who wants every student to achieve their highest potential. He has a passion not just for being fit but also for having an understanding of living a healthy lifestyle including both exercise and diet."

Peggy Edsel